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Graphyti is an online forum about anything and everything. Here you have multiple cummunities available for free subscription to kickstart and join discussions. You may also join the groups inside the communities. Each community and groups administered by their own Admin and moderators.

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To engage with your followers, you can create polls or post news, views, articles and post a questions on any topic. You can also post videos and photos or share a link. Post can also be send privately to friends. Public posts can be seen by your followers as well as the members in the community or group it is posted.

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You may submit your posts as public or private or self. A public post must be submitted to a community and groups to help it reach the right audience. You must be a member of a group or community to submit. Select option private if you sending a post to friends. Private post are visible to friends only. Self post are public post which does not belong to any group or community. Posts are categorised under various communities and groups in order to reach the right audience.

Connect with friends and followers

Followers are critical to increase the visibility of a content, allowing them to reach a wider audience. Grapphyti lets you grow your followers base in different communities and groups, thus helps reaching your post to the right and wide audience.

You can also make friends and send them post and message privately.

Features to explore

Create Community and groups

You can create a community or groups to engage with followers.

Post updates

Stay connected with your followers by posting what you're doing or just share photo or video or any link

Pin post

When you like to stay updated on a post, you pin it. Notification will be send to you for any activity on that post

Recommend post

Recommend any post to your followers. You may recommend any public post to your followers from any community or group

Send Message

You can communicate with your friends through messaging feature.


You can repost any post to your dashboard or share to a group or community you have joined or subscribed


You can vote a post as like or dislike. You can also vote comments up and down in a post.

Share Post

You can vote a post as like or dislike.

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Graphyti is one of the fastest growing social media platform with some of very unique features. Its free and always will be.

Online community and groups

  • In human culture, community has always been important, and this is also true in the digital sphere. By giving users the option to start and join groups that correspond with their interests, social networking platforms have maximised the potential of community. There is a community waiting for you whether you are interested about cooking, gardening, coding, or painting. People who might never have met otherwise are brought together in these communities and given a sense of belonging.

  • A common component of social networking platforms is microblogging, which allows users to publish brief, succinct updates, opinions, or facts. Microblogging, which places less emphasis on length than standard blogging, is ideal for people who wish to communicate fast. This implies that participants in community- and group-based microblogging can have meaningful dialogues without having to write extensive postings.

  • Community and group-based microblogging offer several advantages, one of which is the chance to establish deep relationships. Users can interact with others who share their hobbies or professions in these locations. This shared ground frequently sparks deeper conversations, knowledge exchange, and even collaborative efforts. It's not just about networking; it's about establishing sincere connections with people who share your interests.

  • There is open exchange of knowledge within these micro-blogging groups. Members encourage one another by exchanging ideas, posing queries, and sharing information. This collaborative setting has the potential to be an effective instrument for education and personal development. These platforms provide an excellent setting for connecting and developing as a community, whether you're a newbie trying to learn the fundamentals or an expert keen to share your knowledge

  • You can search any community and group and join it. Visit the community and press the subscribe buttun to join it. Similarly, visit a group and press the join button to join.

  • The potential of community- and group-based micro-blogging is growing as social networking services do as well. We can anticipate the emergence of increasingly niche communities that serve even more specialised interests. Furthermore, technological developments will probably improve user experience, making it simpler for members to connect and engage in meaningful ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can create polls, views, query, video, photo or link in graphyti.

  • Based on your choice, you can submit a post as public, private or self. Public post are submit in a community or group which are visible to everyone in or outside graphyti. Private post are visible only to your friends in graphyti. Self post are public post which does not belong to any group or community.

  • You can vote a post as like or dislike. Liking a post increase its visibility to more audience.

  • Yes, you can post and comment in any language in graphyti.

  • You can search any community and group and join it. Visit the community and press the subscribe buttun to join it. Similarly, visit a group and press the join button to join.

  • The app version of graphyti is still in developing phase and not available. It will be lauched soon for beta test.


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